About Us

joshHi, my name is Josh Adriaan.

Cjay IT Solu­tions can help to get your brand online. Get­ting new clients to your busi­ness means more rev­enue for your business.

 We have a web design spe­cial dis­count for schools. Con­tact us for a quo­ta­tion.

 We also spe­cial­ize in Search Engine Opti­miza­tion (SEO) which help to rank your web­site above your com­peti­tors, which means get­ting more tar­geted traf­fic (clients).

Allow me to take your busi­ness to the next level, with an online pres­ence that will leave your com­peti­tors jeal­ous with envy.

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