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7 Rea­sons Why You Need a Social Media Man­ager Right Now!


When start­ing a new busi­ness online or offline for that mat­ter, it is quite nor­mal to get over­whelmed with every­thing that it requires to be suc­cess­ful.?? Mar­ket­ing online can also be over­whelm­ing but that is where a Social Media Man­ager comes into play.?? That???s why you read­ing this report.?? Being very active in the Social Media world, I began to notice how many folks were over­whelmed with the tasks of check­ing mes­sages, and direct mes­sages on Twit­ter and Face­book to name a few.?? It is impor­tant for the busi­ness per­son to mar­ket in dif­fer­ent Social Media out­lets but the process can be extremely over­whelm­ing if you are unaware where to begin and how to keep it all orga­nized.?? A Social Media Man­ager can res­cue you from the clut­ter, dis­or­ga­ni­za­tion and com­plete over­whelm­ing feel­ing all of these can cause.

Our com­pany has a team of Social Media Vir­tual Assis­tants (SMVA) to help you with your social media needs.?? As a SMVA, we work vir­tu­ally and are con­sid­ered inde­pen­dent con­trac­tors.?? We help both the online and offline entre­pre­neur stay focused on their projects and to leave the tedious work to us.

Let???s begin by explain­ing seven rea­sons why you need a Social Media Man­ager now!????

Here Are The 7 Rea­sons:

1. Social Media Clean Up Crew ??? we are avail­able to clean up your inbox or your direct mes­sages that you may receive on Twit­ter or mes­sages you receive on Face­book or LinkedIn.?? All too often your inbox can get clut­tered with use­less infor­ma­tion, so we clean it up for you and only leave the impor­tant ones for you to view at your leisure.?? There are pro­grams that can also be applied to sim­ply the method but it is best to have a human eye deter­mine what is spam and what may be impor­tant infor­ma­tion.?? Too often the pro­grams avail­able can???t dis­tin­guish between and auto­matic direct mes­sage from a ???real??? mes­sage and will delete all of them.

2. Develop Sys­tems ??? we will sit down with each indi­vid­ual client and help develop sys­tems that will work for them.?? Some may need infor­ma­tion researched and we have the abil­ity to help with that aspect as well.

3. Sta­tus Updates ??? We will post pre-approved sta­tus updates to make it eas­ier for the individual/client.?? Con­tent is researched via blogs and arti­cles that may per­tain to their niche and post accord­ingly.?? Too often this is where the over­whelm­ing feel­ing can occur. It is almost impos­si­ble to do all the research and main­tain your busi­ness. But this is where we can help.

4. Appli­ca­tion Inves­ti­ga­tion ??? The age of tech­nol­ogy is ever-changing and it can be dif­fi­cult to keep up with the lat­est gad­get that can help you with your social media suc­cess.?? We inves­ti­gate the dif­fer­ent tools avail­able that may apply to the dif­fer­ent social media out­lets.?? Depend­ing on the client???s busi­ness some may or may not work and instead of doing the trial and error them­selves, we can do it for them.

5. Deter­mine the Best Plat­forms ??? The fast paced client may enjoy Twit­ter but will be miss­ing out on a large avenue or poten­tial on Face­book or LinkedIn.?? We can mon­i­tor their pro­files on the other out­lets to help expand the expo­sure that is nec­es­sary in the online world.?? The same applies to the offline busi­ness that is try­ing to get more expo­sure online via the social media plat­forms.?? We do all the dig­ging and research so they don???t have to.

6. Social Media Sup­port ??? The social media assis­tant is avail­able to do pre-show inter­views for future radio show or pod­cast guests.?? Soon after they will also help pro­mote the dif­fer­ent shows or events.?? This type of sup­port is price­less and so very needed.

7. Trans­parency Main­te­nance ??? All too often indi­vid­u­als may feel that they are not being authen­tic if they are not answer­ing all of the ???tweets??? or mes­sages on the dif­fer­ent social media plat­forms.?? Let me stress that we do not post any­thing that the client has not already approved or sent to us in advance.?? We are here to sup­port the dig­i­tal rela­tion­ship and engage­ment that is nec­es­sary to suc­ceed in the online world.

In essence we as Social Media Man­agers will take all the headaches and over­whelm off of your shoul­ders.?? We will part­ner with you and help you with all the tech­no­log­i­cal aspects that you may or may not have time to learn.

Some will claim to have the knowl­edge of the tech­no­log­i­cal part which is great, but they merely don???t have the nec­es­sary time to devote to social media.?? Instead of try­ing to do it all on your own, let us help you.?? Any busi­ness per­son from any field can ben­e­fit from a Social Media Vir­tual Assis­tant.?? We can help from post­ing arti­cles on your blog to research­ing con­tent to be shared on the dif­fer­ent social media platforms.

The point is to allow some­one else to do the tedious work or the work that takes too much time away from your main focus.

The trans­parency part is not an issue, because again we will never post any­thing that is not pre-approved or given to us prior to post­ing.?? We merely make your life eas­ier.?? Be sure to do your home­work and research within your net­work first before hir­ing a Social Media Vir­tual Assistant.

You want to be sure you are hir­ing a qual­i­fied indi­vid­ual and some­one in your net­work may be aware of some­one that can fit your criteria.

I hope that you found this post very informative.

Thank you.

Josh Adri­aan

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